Our story till now

There is 4 of them 3 little ones and a big one. They are my world they are amazing but can be buttheads. I’ll start by telling you a little about my big one. He’s amazing, he’s a great father and great husband, I’m not saying he is perfect but he’s pretty perfect for me. He would do anything for our boys. He makes their worlds go round. He owns his own business so he can be home with the boys almost everyday. He loves fishing he would be at  a river or lake everyday, but its not very realistic so he started a business where he can do what he loves. He makes fishing lures and he is very good at it. He can be a butthead when he is stressing about work or family but we will get through it every time. He is not always interested in doing dishes or laundry but he can tell when I am just to busy to get it done that day and makes it happen. I am more happy getting a empty kitchen sink then a vase of useless flowers any day. Sometimes I forget to tell him how much I appreciate it but I hope he knows.

Now I’ll tell you about my oldest Lance. He is a very sweet boy but boy is he a smartass. He is smart a quick learner and wants to teach his brothers everything. He is caring, loving and shares most of the time. However when brother takes something from him, he is on the rampage to get it back he will chase him down and hit or bite till he gets his toy back. We are working hard to stop the biting and hitting. He is so excited to go to school come the fall. Every school we pass he asks “Me go to that school wow all those kids.” So that has been a help for encouragement, explaining how he can not bite or hit at school and he will not be able to go to school if he does. In his words “me will’nt hit me will’nt bite never again.” He is such a smartass when he was only 2 we were at a new place he had never been before. We brought his bike to ride so he would have something to do, This place had a long driveway with a hill and we were playing at the bottom of it. I told him he cant go up the hill but he kept getting closer to the hill he started going up the hill and I said “Lance turn around NOW.” Do you know what that little boys next move was? He turned around and started walking up the hill backwards. Yeah that’s a smartass if I have ever saw one.

My middle son Wyatt. My sensitive, loving, kind, soft spoken, puppy dog eyed, lady killer son. Oh he is a sweetheart, he will cuddle if he sees a tear in your eye or knows you don’t feel well. He is always gentle when he touches or helps with baby brother, so carful not to hurt him, even when big brother is so rough and tumble. Even though he is so soft spoken and loving, he is our screamer, and why does he scream well: he tripped, he bumped the table, brother is to close, mommy is to far away, he’s hungry, he’s tired, he wants to talk on the phone. And boy that boy loves the phone I’m worried about when he’s a teenager. I think he will be one of those boys that when his older brother Lance breaks up with his girlfriend he will be right there to pick her up and cheer her up. He is such an outgoing boy he will do anything. Even if big brother is talking him into something he should not do or play with. He is my first son to get stiches. I got my first stiches when I was 18 years old and Wyatt has had more stiches then me just after he turned 2. So my husband bow hunts and my boys find it so cool. well somehow my oldest reached one of his arrows and gave it to brother. Well Wyatt split his pointer finger wide open he had to have 6 stiches. Talk about “oh here play with this.” I hope he picks up some common sense of  a”maybe not” in the back of his mind quick.

The little baby Gerald, sweet, giggly, and always so happy. He is such an easy kid. He only fusses when he is hungry and boy is that kid hungry. 10 months old and 25 lbs. yeah that’s a chunky boy. He has just started crawling so now he can get around EVERYWHERE and get EVERYTHING always trying to put things in his mouth. His big brothers are good about picking up anything little that brother shouldn’t have. He loves his big brothers. We have a walker for him and he will chase his oldest brother when he is riding his bike all the way down the driveway out into the cul-de-sac if he could. Oh and this baby sleeps he takes 2 or 3 three hour naps and goes to sleep at 6:30 pm and doesn’t get up until 9:00 am. It is so amazing he is growing so fast, he has about 7 teeth now, so he is eating everything. He eats everything we eat, he doesn’t eat baby food its not enough for this big guy.  I’m sure he will be the BIG little brother when all my little guys are grown.

My hope is I can teach my little boys to be inspiring, smart, and caring men. That they will take their time to grow up and enjoy these years of freedom. I also hope I can provide them with what they need without making them greedy. To teach then responsibility and to care for themselves, that they need to make themselves happy before others. To take what others say or think of them as a gain of salt, and understand their opinion of themselves and their confidence in who they are is all that matters. My husband and I have put ourselves out there where all of the publics opinion is open to say and think what they want about us. I only hope we are showing our confidence in ourselves and how little others opinions matter. We put ourselves out there to show others a different view of an idea. We were portrayed in two different ways: one as evil villain, and one in a much lighter way where we looked like the normal family we are. The evil villain portrayal had effected some of our personal life, but we are strong and took it with a gain of salt. Anyone close to us knows who we really are and understand it was a portrayal for a TV show.  It has all blown over now with just a few trickles of crumbs to finish cleaning up. The show on MTV was much better and lighter, more of who we really are. For public opinions sake I hope they saw it also and saw how ridiculous their jumping to conclusions were.


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