Making a smipler life

With this blog I am trying to show others how I am trying to raise my boys a little simpler and a little healthier. I have been trying to make things from scratch instead of taking the easy way out and buying it pre-made. Making bread in the morning, making a batch of cookies from scratch.


I feel a million times better giving my children a 100 cookies I made myself and know what went into making them. Over giving my children even 2 pre-packaged pre-made cookies. I know homemade bread tastes better also the other day I made 2 loafs of bread I pulled them out of the oven at 3:20 pm and by 3:50 pm I only had half a loaf left. My husband even asked “why do we buy bread your bread taste so good when you make it.”

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One comment on “Making a smipler life
  1. I make almost everything homemade. Just recently learned how to make my own pasta noodles. They are way better than store bought!

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