A little brother getting to his big brother.

So I have boys, three of them so of course they fight at times. My oldest will hit my middle son and then run, while my Wy-wy is screaming. Well Wy-wy  has stopped the screaming, and started saying “ha ha.” When his older brother hits him. We were confused as to why he is saying ha ha. Why is he laughing when he is getting hit, then we go and discipline Lance. This has gone on for just a few weeks. Well now Wy-wy has started saying “ha ha” when Lance has been disciplined. So it has accrued to us that he is laughing when Lance hits him because he understands Lance is in trouble. He knows Lance is getting himself into trouble. So he no longer screams he laughs.


I am a mother of 3 sweet little boys. My husband and I always have something interesting going on from TV to his business. I am just looking to be real even on a messy day when we cant get to the dishes. Or when one of my little boys says the oddest things.

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