Easter prep


Well its Easter again. I will tell you how horrible out Easter schedule is going. We woke up late Saturday morning, so we had to scramble to get the boys dressed and ready for the Easter egg hunt. Ger-ger was there also but I was just holding him hes only just started crawling. After the easter egg hunt we had to run home and dye some easter eggs, because I had to be to work at 2. Luckily I bought all of the easter stuff over a month ago. I like to try and plan ahead. I got home at about 10:45 work was a little crazy tonight. So happy for both of the new ladies D and J they have picked up everything really quick.


Then I had to put the Easter baskets together. Tyler had to help me decide which boy got what and put all the candy in the eggs for the Easter egg hunt in the yard tomorrow. Tyler didn’t help the boys finish dying the eggs while I was at work, so I finish dying them by myself at 11:55. So we will see how tomorrow goes I work again too.


I am a mother of 3 sweet little boys. My husband and I always have something interesting going on from TV to his business. I am just looking to be real even on a messy day when we cant get to the dishes. Or when one of my little boys says the oddest things.

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