who i am

My name is Katie. I am married to my wonderful husband its not always rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes It gets tough, and we stress the little stuff. In the end we figure it out and move on to what matters. We have 3 small boys Lance will be 4 in august, Wyatt is 2 and a half and Gerald will be 1 in may!! They are sweet amazing little boys but they can be butt heads. My husband and I have put ourselves out there. We have been on a few TV shows, one on National Geographic Chanel we were portrayed for entertainment, and the other on MTV as the normal family we are. This has affected us in a few different ways but nothing we cant handle. I work at Wal-Mart I know what some of you maybe thinking but I have worked for a few different companies, and Wal-Mart has shown me more compassion and care for me and my family then I have ever seen or heard from a company before. All I see from Wal-Mart is further growth for my career. I enjoy it. I am starting this blog because I want to show other parents how I am making it work everyday. We don’t have tons of money, we don’t have a huge house, but we get by. Our boys are happy and healthy and that is all we care about. I like to grow things, make things from scratch, and for my boys. I try to make dinner every night, we don’t have the money to be eating out all the time. Sometimes dinner is an experiment but it always turns out good and my husband always says “wow this is a lot better then I thought it would be it tastes good.” Which makes me laugh because I know how to make almost anything taste good. My oldest starts pre-school in the fall and I have been thinking about my boys growing up. There is so much in the world different then when and where I grew up. I just want them to grow up to be great men with respect and confidence in themselves. To not worry about what others say or do, and know they only have to be true to themselves. I want to teach them the self worth to not give into peer pressure. I am a very evolved mom I and joining the PTA and am looking into some programs in my children’s school district to be a part of. Everything I do everyday is for my family to better who we are.

I am a mother of 3 sweet little boys. My husband and I always have something interesting going on from TV to his business. I am just looking to be real even on a messy day when we cant get to the dishes. Or when one of my little boys says the oddest things.

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One comment on “who i am
  1. aishasoasis says:

    Greetings and best wishes to you and your interesting family from egypt!

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