The truth about pull-ups


Pull-ups have taken away the first most basic action and consequence children learn. If you pee your pants, you’re pants get wet, you have to take a bath and change. Most children hate interrupting play with going threw all that, so they learn quickly to hold it and go potty in the toilet then they can go back to play. I have 3 small boys they are 3 and under. however I only have one in diapers. I started encouraging them to go potty on the toilet when they started walking. I never did a potty chair I didn’t want to have to teach them twice how to potty. I also NEVER USED PULL-UPS. I felt pull-ups made it so children didn’t learn to not wet their pants. They could pee in their pants all day long with no consequence. My children wear underwear if they have an accident they have to change. They are not in trouble because it is just that an accident. However if they have that accident and do not potty in the toilet because they did not want to stop playing. They need to understand the consequences of choosing to be lazy. My boys also learned quickly not to wet the bed. They get cold from being wet at night and uncomfortable. When they wake up wet in the morning, they have to take a bath and change their bedding all before breakfast. They don’t like doing that, and they are hungry, so they just wake up in the night and go potty and back to bed they go. I hope my children will take this lesson of action and consequence and use it in other situations.

I am a mother of 3 sweet little boys. My husband and I always have something interesting going on from TV to his business. I am just looking to be real even on a messy day when we cant get to the dishes. Or when one of my little boys says the oddest things.

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2 comments on “The truth about pull-ups
  1. wendykarasin says:

    Ah, I have three boys (and a girl)! They are grown now but I remember the days you speak of. Have you see the blurb about mother’s of three sons in the Mother’s Almanac? Google it and hang it on the fridge – it’s a great reminder of a great (and crazy) ride.

  2. Ha, when I clicked on this I thought it was going to be about pull-ups the exercise…duh. Of course, “pull-ups!” And I totally agree. That’s how we’ve tried to do it at our house too. And three and under! I like to think that by having them close in age they’ll grow up to be good friends. That’s awesome to have two of them done with diapers! Good advice. 🙂

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