Thinking about Lance going to school

technology in the class room

So I have been thinking about lance going to school this fall. I am starting to get nervous. He will be starting pre-school I remember going to pre-school I felt it was very important form my children to also go to pre-school. I want to be one of those parents that is very involved in my children education. I want to help my children understand how important education will be for them. They are very smart children already. I want to instill Lance’s excitement for school thought out all of his education. My choice for my involvement is to ensure that the school district where my children go to school do not over look my children if they have a different learning style. I know already my children just as my husband and my self are hands on in how we learn the best. I am not very fond of all the ipads and technology taking over the classroom. I feel it is taking away from the hands on way of learning that should be so vital in younger children’s classrooms. I am not saying I am against any technology in the classroom but I feel there is a place for it and I don’t feel it needs to be introduced to my 4 to 12 year old in the classroom. Playing games on an I pad to learn does not seem as if they are truly learning repetition is not learning its memorizing. If they figure out the answer by elimination of wrong answers. They haven’t truly learned the process it take to find that answer. I know that this is not the only way that children are learning in the classroom, if it was there would be no need for our well educated teaches who spend years of their lives learning how our children learn to teach them best. I also want to state I do not have any children in school yet so this is just what I have been hearing and my nerves for my children talking.

I am a mother of 3 sweet little boys. My husband and I always have something interesting going on from TV to his business. I am just looking to be real even on a messy day when we cant get to the dishes. Or when one of my little boys says the oddest things.

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