A little brother getting to his big brother.

So I have boys, three of them so of course they fight at times. My oldest will hit my middle son and then run, while my Wy-wy is screaming. Well Wy-wy  has stopped the screaming, and started saying “ha ha.” When his older brother

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Lance: “mommy w…

Lance: “mommy what you doing, you burning your hair?” Me: “Its just steam, mommy is making her hair straight so it will look pretty.” Lance: “Why you want it to look pretty?” Me: “Because mommy is a girl, and girls

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Easter prep

Well its Easter again. I will tell you how horrible out Easter schedule is going. We woke up late Saturday morning, so we had to scramble to get the boys dressed and ready for the Easter egg hunt. Ger-ger was

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who i am

My name is Katie. I am married to my wonderful husband its not always rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes It gets tough, and we stress the little stuff. In the end we figure it out and move on to what matters.

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The truth about pull-ups

Pull-ups have taken away the first most basic action and consequence children learn. If you pee your pants, you’re pants get wet, you have to take a bath and change. Most children hate interrupting play with going threw all that,

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Thinking about Lance going to school

So I have been thinking about lance going to school this fall. I am starting to get nervous. He will be starting pre-school I remember going to pre-school I felt it was very important form my children to also go

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Lance’s dirt box

This is my oldest Lance playing in his “dirt box.” Daddy made it for him so he could race and jump his cars.

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